The Best Ways to Make Your Truck Look Better

As with any hobby, car tuning and modifications are exquisite activities for true automotive enthusiasts. Whether it’s to improve a sports car, muscle car, motorcycle, or pickup truck, there are plenty of projects to consider. In fact, there are some top modifications to improve the look of any pickup truck. Check out the best ways to make your truck look better with these simple enhancements.

Lift Kit or Suspension Lift

When you see a pickup that has superiorly large wheels without tipping over, then there is a large chance it’s from a lift kit. Lift kits raise the entire truck body to allow for larger wheels and tires. It leaves the steering geometry unaltered and, thereby, your truck’s handling is unaffected. On the other hand, suspension lifts replace the entire suspension system (shocks, leaf springs, control arms, driveshafts, etc.) which increases the ground clearance and off-road capability. Suspension lifts are usually costlier and raise the truck’s center of gravity but are still a great truck modification.

Fender Flares

Fender flares are an accessory used to extend the wheel well on your vehicle. Like makeup, they contour the body lines to match the truck body. Fender flares make great accessories because they come in various colors, styles, and textures. They can make a truck look more aggressive, off-road compatible, or act as a buffer between the body and tires. Fender flares also service practical uses specifically to hide rust or body damage, replace damaged preexisting fenders flares, or protect larger tires.

Wheels and Rims

On that note, new wheels, rims, and tires define your truck in a much better way. Think of these as your pickup's shoes. When traveling off-road or on the pavement, you need the right wheels, rims, and tires to get you there. Some owners prefer performance tires for smooth road travel, while others may install all-terrain tires for off-road access. Similarly, new wheels improve your truck’s overall appearance.

Custom Grille

Grilles are among the best ways to make your truck look better. After all, they’re one of the first things drivers in front of you notice. They are also customizable. As a cost-efficient modification, custom grilles offer a simple but impressive style to your truck’s front. They come in bolt-over or cut-out mounting options, so pick the right one for you.

LED Lights

Finally, LED lights not only improve your sight but also your truck’s aesthetics. LED bulbs produce strong, radiant beams that draw less power and produce less heat. You can opt for standard white or a plethora of other colors, like green, blue, or yellow. You can also install LED lights almost anywhere on the truck: on the plates, doors, ceiling, headlights, and so on. You may even choose a lightbar for high-powered, long-range beams.

Given that, be sure to check out our selection of Ford Raptor LED lights from us at Specialty Performance Parts. We carry only the best lights on the market from Rigid, Baja Designs, and KC HiLites. Whether it’s to look more aggressive off-road or boost your OEM appearance, these lights will help. Call us today for more information and to find out which light kit best suits you.