Tips for First-Time Pickup Truck Drivers

Trucks are cool vehicles. They’re big, powerful, and loud. Not to mention, they speak to people. Some people prefer motorcycles, while some prefer sedans or small cars. Others like the roar and thunder that trucks give off from their engines. Still, when someone drives a truck for the first time, it can be stressful. Fortunately, these tips for first-time pickup truck drivers will help anyone feel confident and calm behind the wheel of their pickup.

Learn Your Blind Spots

One of the first safety tips any pickup truck driver should know—new or experienced—is where to find your blind spots. The size, length, and width of your truck require you to be extra cautious when you’re in it. This is especially true when you merge or change lanes since you’ll need extra space to maneuver around passing vehicles. While modern trucks, like the Raptor, have a blind-spot detection option, it’s still important to be aware of when on the road.

Keep in Mind the Weight

Trucks do more than just look tough: they’re built to carry and tow heavy objects. When you drive, the vehicle weight generally remains constant. However, when you drive a truck with objects in your bed, you must be extra cautious of the changing weight. You should allow yourself more stopping time and make sure to take sharp turns more carefully. Otherwise, you can risk seriously damaging your goods or another driver.

Towing Adds to the Concern

Likewise, you must be mindful of whatever you’re towing as well. Large objects like a trailer, boat, or camper on a highway can intimidate you. It may help you to take the truck and whatever you plan to tow on an empty parking lot and practice. Just make sure to know your truck's towing capacity to avoid any potential damages from towing something that’s too heavy.

It’s Not Like Driving a Car

One last tip for first-time pickup truck drivers: while they both might drive the same, trucks are not your average sedan. While a two-wheel-drive sedan is smaller, more compact, and generally used for on-road purposes, trucks have more to offer. They’re larger, wider, and you can take them off-road to go camping, fishing, or just to be out in the wilderness. Don’t feel intimidated by your new large truck and just practice until you feel comfortable in the driver’s seat. Soon, you’ll feel like you can drive any distance in your truck on or off the road.

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