Top Reasons to Buy a Ford Raptor

With so many pickup truck brands on the market, it can be daunting trying to choose the right make and model. While there are many considerations to make with this choice, some trucks stand out above the rest. Ford’s 150 series is the best example of truly exemplary trucks. One worth considerable attention is the Ford Raptor. These top reasons to buy a Ford Raptor will prove to anyone that they're one of the best trucks on the market today.

It’s Great for Off-Roading

Any truck enthusiast will attest to the Ford Raptor’s impressive off-road capabilities. Everything about the Raptor screams off-road potential, but most specifically the clearance, suspension, and Trail Control system. The Ford Raptor offers great clearance without the need for an aftermarket lift or suspension kit. With about 10” of clearance, a 30-degree approach angle, and 23-degree departure angle, it can handle rocks or other obstacles with ease. Additionally, the Trail Control system allows you to drive over rough terrain to adjust the acceleration and braking for each individual wheel. It's also important to mention the FOX Racing Shock Absorbers. This suspension system supplies real-time internal bypass damping adjustments, which make it perfect for any off-road trail. The Raptor also features optimal off-road capability through the beadlock capable wheels.

Beautiful Exterior

It’s impossible to talk about the Raptor without mentioning its beautiful exterior. Anyone can tell there’s a Raptor on the road based on its signature Ford grille and front skid plate. The all-terrain tires are another giveaway to show you that it’s built for serious travel. Also, the truck comes in the SuperCrew model for convenient cabin and bed space. Not to mention, Ford offers a wide color palette for it, including Lead Foot (gray), Rapid Red (dark red), Race Red, Ford Performance Blue, Velocity Blue, Oxford White, Agate Black, and Magnetic (dark gray).

Powerful Engine

Currently, the Ford Raptor has an impressive High-Output 3.5L V6 EcoBoost engine. The 24-valve 3.5L twin-turbo engine has a port-fuel and direct-injection system and 10-speed automatic transmission to supply unique power unseen in other trucks. Given that, the Raptor can reach an intense 450 horsepower and 510 lb. of torque. With a tow rating of 8,000 lb. and 1,200 lb. payload, the power in the Raptor is truly unprecedented.

It’s Extremely Safe

With that, one might think that only experienced drivers should use a behemoth like the Ford Raptor, but it’s actually an incredibly safe pickup. With a built-in rearview camera, roll stability control, curve control, and tire pressure monitor system as well as standard seatbelts and airbags, anyone can feel secure in their drive. Ford also offers the option to add a blind spot information system for added protection. The BLIS system alerts the driver of any oncoming vehicles in their blind spot during lane-changes or alongside trailers when towing.

Given these reasons, it’s no wonder that the Ford Raptor is an impressive vehicle. Anyone looking for their next pickup should invest in one regardless of their intentions. Most importantly, they’re easily customizable. You can install a Raptor LED light bar, fog lights, or any other accessory to improve your truck’s aesthetics and performance on and off the road.