SPV Parts 2021-2023 Ford Bronco - Rigid Radiance/Scene Fog Light Kit w/amber backlight - Including Brackets/Harness

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Ford Bronco Amber Backlit Radiance/Scene Fog kit including Brackets and triple harness for 2021+ Bronco with modular front bumper. All brackets are STAINLESS STEEL & BLACK POWDERCOATED

For those who followed the Ford Raptor, these lights are the most popular kit the Raptor has been famous for. Now you can get them for your Ford Bronco!

The Radiance series has a low power amber backlight which simulates a parking or marker light look. Then the main light is clear/white and provides the driving light output you need for more light both on and off road.

Choose from the Radiance, or Radiance Scene versions:

The Standard Radiance and the Scene versions have the SAME effect. The Backlight (Amber) is the same.

The Differences are this-

Radiance Lumens  900 Per Pod 

Scene Lumens  2970 Per Pod 

SAE Fog Lumens (New Model)  3452 Per Pod (no backlight)

Any light kit in this group with the SAE Models listed are the NEWEST Rigid SAE Pro lights which produce a WHOPPING 3,452 lumens! That is almost unheard of in a true certified SAE Light!

While the SAE lights do NOT have an amber backlight, they have become very popular to put in the middle of either 2 Radiance or 2 Scene lights that do. SAE lights are 100% Street Legal/Traffic Certified and offer an additional light pattern. When SAE light is on, the amber of the other 2 Radiance or Scene lights shine on both sides like a Headlight with parking lights. 

If you are not worried about a certified street legal light. You can simply choose all Radiance, All Scene or a mix of the two and they will ALL have the amber backlights.

The kit includes:

  •  1 Pair of SPV Premium Fog mount Brackets with hardware (NO DRILL) - $179.99 individually
  •  3 Pair of Rigid POD Radiance AMBER Fogs - $164.99 each pair or $269.99 each pair with the scene version. Or a mix. Including a mix with the new SAE model without backlight.
  •  Custom ASSEMBLED One Piece Harness (included with loom) - $79.99 individually
  • (Choose to mix the pairs such as, ONE Radiance for more low power and TWO Scene, for that really bright Offroad or out in the sticks coverage needed sometimes) 

Note: There are several ways you can wire your lights in. We want to provide the best general option, but at the same time, not throw in all the other options and increase the price without allowing you that choice. 

So each kit includes, a triple harness that goes to the switch wires with 3 individual connections. This kit is ONLY designed for the Bronco with the Aux Switches built in and Modular Bumper... or you will need to add a relay with fuse to the end of the harness. We have those available in our harness section.

Each fog pair comes out to the switch wires individually. So you can put each on its own switch. If you prefer, you can purchase a 2 or 3 way splitter to combine them into one switch.

Another add on option is our new "Headlight/Parking Light Adapter". This plug n play option allows you to simply plug in our adapter to your passenger side headlight and then the other end to the end of your fog harness. The result? Your amber backlights are now integrated into the parking lights and will automatically come on with the headlights, opening of the doors at night and unlock of the doors with the key fob. Without it, you simply connect the one wire to another switch to turn the amber on and off. Your main lights will still go to a switch.

No Drilling Required

Both the RIGID Light housings AND the HIGH END stainless steel SPV Parts Brackets have a HEAVY DUTY Black Powdercoat finish that Prohibits corrosion.

Powdercoat is NOT Paint. Powdercoat is a BAKED On Finish more like baking a Glaze onto a piece of pottery. It SEALS and looks GREAT! The Black Finish ties in and Matches your vehicles finish.

If you have a question on the differences between this Fog kit and our OTHER Rigid Fog Kits, or any other kit on the market you are trying to compare, Shoot us a message. We would be more than happy to provide detailed comparative information.

Install time, approx 2-4 hours. 

Let me know if you have any questions and be sure to check back for more products coming soon! See also this Pro Fog Pocket kit from Baja Designs.


(Note: Technically these are considered offroad lights. We are not responsible for your states laws, rules or regulations)


Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
George Kott

GREAT Kit for your Bronco. This literally installs itself and it looks like it came on the truck direct from the factory.. I was amazed at the quality and precision of the entire kit and SPV's customer service was off the charts. I'm very meticulous and these guys far exceeded my expectations. HIGHLY RECOMMENED if your in the market for some aftermarket upgrades. Sidenote: Watch the videos for the install.... They walk you thru EVERYTHING.... it's apparent they care about their products and their customers. Nicely done SPV...Looking forward to the grill lights next!

Jonathan Otto
Awesome Fog Light Setup for the Bronco Raptor

Great light output, OEM+ look, easy plug and play install.

Pair 1 Scene, Pair 2 SAE FOG, Pair 3 Scene. The new SAE fog are bright and excellent street legal fogs (if aimed properly). The scene lights have a great useful output. The scene lights, with amber running lights, look great flanking the SAE FOG.

The fog light bracket for the Bronco fits perfect and gives lots of options to run lights. The Rigid D Series specifically are easy to mount and aim off the truck which makes install very easy.

Big thanks to John for helping me through light choices and optimal wiring harnesses to run the lights the way I wanted.

Mike Candle
Rigid lights

The fit and looks were great !! Definitely glad I got Rigid !!

Michael Hall
Rigid Radiance Fog light kit 2022 Bronco

Perfect, parts, wire harness, connectors and most important for me clear instructions, even a caveman can do it.
Look great, going to buy the A pillar lights next. Thanks

Donald School

SPV Parts 2021-2022 Ford Bronco - Rigid Radiance/Scene Fog Light Kit w/amber backlight - Including Brackets/Harness

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