SPV Parts 2021-2023 Raptor - Rigid Radiance/Scene Fog Light Kit w/amber backlight - Including Brackets/Harness

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Select Your Lights: Standard Radiance # 20204
Does Your Truck Have Factory Fogs?: Yes
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Ford Raptor Fog kit including Brackets and triple harness for 2021-2022 Raptor in STAINLESS & BLACK POWDERCOAT

The NEW 2021-2022 SPV Parts POD light fog brackets are HERE! This is the first, and we think will stay the BEST for quality, fitment and adjustability! We hold our quality standards very high!

These INCLUDE the newest Raptor GEN 3 brackets. 

Choose from the Radiance, or Radiance Scene versions:

The Standard Radiance and the Scene versions have the SAME effect. The Backlight (Amber or Red) is the same.

The Differences are this-

Radiance- 1 LED Per Pod (6 total)

Scene – 4 LED’s Per Pod (24 Total)

Radiance Lumens 900 Per Pod (X 6)

Scene Lumens 2970 Per Pod (x 6)

The kit includes:

  •  1 Pair of SPV Premium Fog mount Brackets with Bolts (NO DRILL) - $159.99 Value
  •  3 Pair of Rigid POD Radiance AMBER Fogs - $164.99 each or $269.99 each with the scene version.
  •  Custom ASSEMBLED One Piece Harness (included with loom) - $69.99 value
  • (Or choose to mix the pairs such as, ONE Radiance for more low power and TWO Scene, for that really bright Offroad or out in the sticks coverage needed sometimes) 
  • If you DIDN'T get fogs from the factory, be sure to select NO so we include the special hardware you will need to mount your brackets.

Note: There are several ways you can wire your lights in. We want to provide the best general option, but at the same time, not throw in all the other options and increase the price without allowing you that choice. 

So each kit includes, a triple harness that goes to the switch wires with 3 individual connections. On the 800A all 6 switch wires are there. In the 801A, only 5 switch wires are in that location. You can reroute and move the 2 connections located in the bumper opening for the fog switch and Switch 1, back to that location with the other 5 wires with our optional Relocation harness which just plugs in. No splicing. So then you'll have access to 7 switch wire in one location. Since that isn't the same in every situation, we left it an option.

No Drilling Required
This version of the RADIANCE Series has an LED Amber surround for an effect that glows like the LED Markers on the Raptor.

This can be wired into the amber markers to be turned on when they are.

The other main WHITE LED Bulb can be illuminated by connecting it to your utility switches.

These can be run on 3 individual switches or tied into 1 switch.

Both the RIGID Light housings AND the HIGH END stainless steel SPV Parts Brackets have a HEAVY DUTY Black Powdercoat finish that Prohibits corrosion.

Powdercoat is NOT Paint. Powdercoat is a BAKED On Finish more like baking a Glaze onto a piece of pottery. It SEALS and looks GREAT! The Black Finish ties in and Matches your vehicles finish.

If you have a question on the differences between this Fog kit and our OTHER Rigid Fog Kits, or any other kit on the market you are trying to compare, Shoot us a message. We would be more than happy to provide detailed comparative information.

Install time, approx 2-4 hours. 

Bracket Installation Instructions (Click Here)

Let me know if you have any questions and be sure to check back for more products coming soon! See also this Pro Fog Pocket kit from Baja Designs.


 (Note: Technically these are considered offroad lights. We are not responsible for your states laws, rules or regulations)


Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Francisco Rangel
Excellent Lights/Install

Very easy DIY install and wiring or the Rigid Radiance Scene Lights. Look amazing at night and installed an amber light cover on the center light looks amazing.

jayson garcia
Easy install

This kit makes it easier for DIY install. John has created so many options to make it plug and play. His videos and instructions are very accurate to make it an easy process and save me tons of money from professional install. Not to mention great deal for product pricing including his wire harnesses and accessories. John is very passionate of helping other enthusiasts.

Alex K
Triple fogs kit

Absolutely love this kit! Start to finish everything worked like advertised, especially the brackets. Using the provided template and John’s instructions the installation was easy, the lights needed no adjustments. The only thing I would recommend to John to work on is a back cover, I reused the OEM covers after some trimming and adding a peace of rubber sheet to cover the exposed fogs. The provided harness together with the switch relocation harness gives you a clean and professional install . Thanks John! Highly recommended.

Mike Teleki
Rigid radiance/ scene fog light kit for 22 Raptor

Great product, looks awesome, installation with the SPV harness was a breeze, can’t get any easier.

Steven Blake
Installing the fog lights this weekend September 17th

I’ll will send pictures

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